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Welcome to the #1 mobile phone recycling comparison site helping you to find best price for selling your mobile phones, selling your tablets, laptops or any other gadgets.

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Wednesday 18th October 2017

About Phonedisposals

We're mad about gadgets here at Phonedisposals so we're not happy happy until our users get the best prices for their gadgets when using our website.

We provide the best and most impartial gadget comparison with all the major recycling companies so you can sell your mobile phone or gadgets such as cameras and laptops for the best price.

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How it works?

Its simple just find the gadget you'd like to sell for example a 'nokia n86' using our search box above or if you don't know the model of the gadget you'd like to sell use our manufacturers section

After you've found your device we'll display detailed information about recycler's such as their best price, if they offer free postage, payment methods etc just choose the best recycler you'd like to sell your mobile phone or device with and complete your sale at their site.

Sell your phone + gadgets @ Phonedisposals

With over 6000 phones and gadgets including cameras, laptops, sat navs and tablets disposing your old gadgets at Phonedisposals is a breeze. Our guarantee to compare prices from the most recyclers ultimately gets you the BEST price for selling your phone or gadget.

Where do all these devices go? Phonedisposals are committed towards zero landfill so our recyclers ensure that as many phones and gadgets possible are reused.

Don't chuck it! Phonedispose It!

Why sell my mobile phone today?

Simple! Mobile phone prices are constantly decreasing the major reason for this is that manufacturers such as Nokia, iPhone, BlackBerry, HTC, Samsung, LG, Motorola and Sony Ericsson + many more are always releasing newer and better models and we're always trying to keep up.

Its a fact "The average mobile phone user will replace their handset once every 18 months". With mobile phone recycling never been so easier you can forget thinking about selling my mobile phone for cash and actually sell your mobile phone for cash for a decent amount and get paid with same day payment rather than watching your mobile phone lose value.

We compare all the major mobile phone recycling companies such as Mazuma Mobile, Envirofone (Envirophone), Mobile Phone Xchange, Phone Recycle Bank,, Fonebank and Money 4 My Mobile and more. The best and smartest way to get the top price for an old mobile phone is to compare mobile phone recyclers at Phonedisposals. Maybe your thinking "I want to sell my mobile for cash but I don't have the time or is it really worth selling my phone?" here at Phonedisposals we have made it as quick and easy as possible to sell your mobile. One of the main reasons to use our mobile phone comparison is it saves YOU time because rather than having to visit over 50 recyclers individually to find the best price you can see all the best deals in one place at Phonedisposals!

Why Mobile Phone Recycling?

Many of us are now aware of the benefit recycling does to help the environment and the vast majority are now recycling more of our household waste but many of us are not aware of mobile phone recycling as currently less than 20% of all unused mobile phones in the UK are recycled these could be old mobile phones, spare mobile phones, damaged mobile phones or even new mobile phones.

In the UK only there are an estimated 90 million unused mobile phones are hiding in our drawers when they could be getting recycled these could be old mobile phones, spare mobile phones, damaged mobile phones or even new mobile phones dont be one of these stats recycle my phone now.

Every year millions of tons of electrical waste are unnecessarily dumped in landfill sites a large percentage of this is mobile phones. Hazardous toxins can escape from these mobile phones into the soil and groundwater, causing serious damage to the environment and human health. Many mobile phones contain components which are potentially harmful to the environment if not disposed of in the correct way. The consequences to the environment of throwing out an old mobile phone means it is just not worth chucking an unwanted mobile phone away when mobile phone recycling companies are ready to pay you cash and make it so easy for you to recycle my phone.

I just want to sell my mobile?

If your thinking "I want to sell my mobile phone for the most cash?" rather then "I want to recycle my phone" using our mobile phone recycling comparison is actually the easiest and quickest way to sell your old mobile phone for the most cash. Using our mobile phone comparison site to sell your old mobile phone for cash has many advantages then selling privately.

Many privates buyers are not interest in buying outdated older handsets but mobile phone recyclers will still buy these and still pay a few quid.

Selling privately takes alot longer then selling to a professional mobile phone recycler rather then bartering about prices arranging payments and postage squabbling with time wasters on the contrary mobile phone recyclers give you a quote in seconds, send a free-post bag and using a recycler with a same day payment service you can even get paid the same day.

How do I sell my old mobile phone?

We've made it as quick and easy for you to find the best prices for you to sell my old mobile phone or recycle my phone at Phonedisposals. To get started find the device you want to sell you can use our quick search box above or if you don't know your model look at our manufacturers section.

Once you've found your mobile phone we'll show you all the information you need to sell your old mobile phone to the mobile phone recycler you want click 'Sell Now' to visit the recycler and enter your details and complete the process.

Why sell my old mobile phone for cash?

If your thinking "I want to sell my old mobile phone for cash" or maybe you've just found that old mobile phone somewhere gathering dust, you've come to the right place we compare the top mobile phone recycling websites and gather all the best prices on offer to sell your mobile phone. "How much is my mobile phone worth right now? or What's the mobile phone price I can get today?" We can easily tell you how much "my old mobile phone worth" or what your mobile phone price is today read above about why you should consider to sell my mobile for cash today.